AIM Team

Mr. Ganamurthy Sampagodu - Head Operations
Mr. Surya Rao - Head Production
Mr. Murali - Head tech & Outdoor Branding and Publicity
Mr.T M Vikranth - Design and Development
Mrs. Meghna Venkat- Admin Support

  •  Smt.Bimba Rani – Head Coordination
  •  Brenba
  •  Sujay
  •  Bala Vidur V
  •  Divya
  •  CMH Staff
  •  Swetha Kasetty
  •  Madhulita Mohapatra- Folk Festival Support
  •  T M Nagaraj- Light Design
  •  Nagesh - Lights
  •  Shantala – Sound and Light
  •  Manjunath, Y TV – Photography & Videography
Our Special Thanks To
  • Mr. Srinivas G Kappanna, Event Director, Cosmopolitan Club
  • Sri Nagraj Murthy, Director For Freedom Park Event
  • SriDevi Rao, P R Consultant
  • Shrama Krishna
      AIM TEAM


BIAF is seeking support from: Our aim is to make ‘Your sponsorship is an Investment, not a Donation’

"For the true artist, the last issue is money. The artist’s currency is creativity, emotion and imagination. For business, currency is currency, the bottom line. Business generates wealth and jobs that build community. Arts generate passion and ideas that define the ‘Community’. Artists need wealth and jobs. Business needs passion and ideas. A healthy community needs both."

BIAF is a festival

BIAF is a festival with partnership and support from both public and private sectors and various international embassies.

Monetary Support Reqd.

This includes various costs such as Infrastructure (Venues/Stage Decor/Sound/Lights), Media, Travel, Transport and Hospitality and all other Miscellaneous costs.