BIAF Report of 4th day, 16th September 2016 at green path Organic State.

Bengaluru is well known for its vibrant events across town. New ideas and ventures are always a welcome to the people of namma Bengaluru. Green Path Organic State is top ranking Organic restaurant and seminar centre in the heart of Malleshwaram. The seminar centre played host to BIAF week end festivities. Bharathanatyam recital by young performers of Shraddha Dance ensemble under the tutelage of well known dance exponent Shama Krishna was presented to the elite of Bangalore.

Well co ordinated movements and graceful Body kinetics were the highlight of the group’s presentation. The 4 dance numbers beginning with pushpanjali, till Thillanna was quick paced and packed with elements of Natyashastra. Arishad varga a thematic dance portraying the 6 weaknesses of man was well choreographed and presented with appealing Abhinaya.

H Jayaram M D and promoter of Green path was honoured with Saplings as a gesture of “Go green Bengaluru” campaign.

He appreciated the efforts of AIM and pointed that the collaboration with Organic movement with arts was most needed for the community today. The evening concluded with a vibrant Thillana which filled the atmosphere with positive energy.