BIAF 2016 report of the 3rd day, the 11th Sept 2016.

At freedom park on Sunday the crowd had started filling the open air theatre at 5 pm, grand vibrant performances were lined up for the 3rd day celebrations of BIAF. The dancers form Sudan, Rwanda and other countries continued to enthral the audience. Manganiyar magic lead by Bungur Khan and team was a melodious fare mixed with rustic folk beats. Kalbelia the Rajasthani dance with graceful serpent like movements and acrobatic stances was an added attraction to the music. The second half was the Music band SUSHRYAVYA performing the popular Kannada film numbers and Bhavageethe in unplugged style. The band was lead by Prof.Suchethan Rangaswamy the popular singer and T V actor along with Supreeth Phalguna and Aishwarya Rangarajan as co singers Pranav Dutt was on drum and Sharan Rao accompanied on key boards and Sudatta L S Prasad was on Tabla.

Department of Kannada and Culture Secretary Sri Umashankar graced the occasion and praised the efforts of AIM in bringing such rare forms and large groups to Bangalore audiences.

The large crowd that enjoyed and inspired until the end. This is testimony that BIAF is reaching out to new audiences. Look forward to some high energy performances the coming weekend of BIAF week 2.