The Celebration of harmony steps into the 2nd day ....BIAF 2016 at freedom park on 10th September 2106.

The sprit of unity, the spirit of oneness was the highlight of the folk festival that continued at freedom park for the 2nd day of the Bengaluru International Arts Festival.

Folk troupes who travelled the long distances from across the globe showed their prowess by showcasing their lands culture in their lively well co ordinated performances and well designed colourful costumes.

Each group presented their dances with great aplomb with foot thumping music brought whistles and loud applauds from the audience. Some of the dances were traditional pooja dance , from Srilanka, the flag dance from Bangladesh, Mathuri from Andhra and Oggu melam from Telangana. Shanka Naad bnruthya from Orissa. The acrobatic formations with leaps and jumps brought a sense of eager anticipation in the audience . The skies were supporting the festival by holding on to their clouds until the end of the programs and then the showers began pouring as if skies were showing happiness over the evenings performances . The evening was well attended by crowds from the nearby freedom park and the chief guests were Dr.K.Muralidhara, Secretary, Kannda Abhivruddi Praadhikaara, Nagraj Murthy, Theatre Artist, Araya Vardhan Raaz from Raaz foundation. The directors Dr.Suma Sudhindra and Dr. Veena Murthy Vijay and all the team of Aim wore Blue as their colour symbolising Sustainable Harmony. The leaders of the team Sri Tilak Fernando from Sri Lanka, Vishwa karma from Telangana, Sri Ravi from Andhra , Nittorang From Bangaldesh were Honored by the directors.